Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 16: The Name of the Game is Comfort

Steph is Knittingsamurai on Ravelry
Maja by Agnieszka Rupnik in Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Tiger Socks for The Boyfriend using as a basis for this, Wendy D. Johnson's Slip Stitch Heel Basic Socks.  Should Steph make matching baby socks?
Flamboyan by Stephen West in String Theory Caper Sock in colors Tavikki and Nerrivik.  Steph has a major mistake!
Food Cravings!
Pillows and Heart Beats!
Himmer Himmer

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  1. Nice do and very nice belly bump! Love the new purchase: yellow is great and so is purple... well maybe not together, but they're both great colors.

    I often listen to audiobooks while I knit. Do you still? How 'bout adding a quick word each post about what you're "reading". Thanks. Can't wait til next week's "visit".